September 2019 Newsletter


Important Dates:

  • First day of dance-9/3
  • Competition Contracts, orders, and waivers due-9/7
  • Bay State Fee and Waiver Due-9/7  (P Acro, Acro 4, Acro 3, & Acro 2 only)
    • Bay State Workshop for select Acro classes-9/15
    • Otis Fundraiser-9/16-10/12
    • DMNE Convention Fees due (COMPETITION TEAM ONLY)-9/28
    • Otis Orders & Money (Cash Only) due-10/12 9 A.M. -1 P.M.
    • DMNE Convention (COMPETITION TEAM ONLY)-10/13
    • Otis Delivery-11/22 (times TBA)


Yearly Overview

For the newcomers, here is a brief overview of the year. Each month you will receive a newsletter via email. Copies will be available in the waiting room, and it will be posted on the website as well as the parent portal. These are very important and contain all the information you will need. We do a lot of activities so please keep up with your newsletters. NEED ANYTHING? PLEASE ASK! Tuition is billed monthly and is due on the first class of the month, even if your child is absent. After the second Saturday, a $15 late fee will apply. To avoid late fees, we HIGHLY SUGGEST signing up for auto pay. Please note, tuition is broken up into 10 monthly payments so even if your child misses some classes, you are still responsible for the entire monthly payment. If tuition becomes one-month delinquent your child will not be able to participate in class until the account is made current. We will be covering a lot of material in each class so please do your best to bring your child to every class.  I also sell everything and anything needed for classes. If you have an issue with anything please address it with me or Miss Jocelyn, Assistant Director, only. My staff and I do all we can to make every year more successful than the last so please help us keep an open line of communication. You can personally email us at or call at 508-672-1423. Thank you and we look forward to our best year yet!!

Customer Portal

Access your account online 24/7! As long as you provided us with a working email, you can login to our Customer Portal via our website: Click on “Registration & Portal” then “Pay here.” If this is your first time using this feature, please click the “Reset Password” link. A temporary password will be sent to the email address we have on file for you. Here you can view your account profile, balance, make payments, and more. Login to get started!


Most of my communication is done via email so if you do not have one, please keep up with newsletters, cork board, and calendar board in the waiting room. IF YOU HAVE NOT GOTTEN ANY EMAILS FROM ME PLEASE LET ME KNOW SO WE CAN UPDATE YOUR EMAIL.


At Pirouette we offer an Auto-pay option for tuition, costumes, and, if applicable, competition fees. It just makes everyone’s life easier! All you need to do is fill out an Authorization form and provide a credit card or debit card linked to your checking account. The first of every month (unless a Holiday or Sunday), the money will be withdrawn. NO LATE FEES EVER AGAIN!!! It can be cancelled at any time for any reason! Forms are available in the office! IF YOU HAD AUTO-PAY LAST YEAR YOU DO NOT NEED TO RESIGN AN AUTHORIZATION FORM FOR THIS YEAR.

Social Media

We do a lot of communication via Social Media so if you haven’t done so already, please find and like our Facebook page, “Pirouette Dance Academy.” We are also on Twitter as “Pirouette Dance,” and Instagram as “Pirouette_Dance.” Please note, we have a strict policy for our staff regarding social media. They are not to be personally friends/following/liking any of the clients so if you have questions for any of the teachers please message Pirouette, not the instructors. Thank you for supporting us to maintain a professional line of communication.

Class Placement/Times

Just a reminder that the first month of classes are held on a trial basis for all students. Students will be moved if necessary, at the instructor’s discretion.

Returned Checks

Just a reminder there is a $30 fee for a returned check. Our returned check policy is as follows: after one returned check, we will no longer be able to accept a check payment for your account for the duration of the dance season. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Pirouette Birthday Parties

We offer Birthday Parties at Pirouette. You can choose from popular themes such as “Tumbling Tots,” “Hip Hop,” “Ballerina,” and many more. Please see brochure in waiting room for more information!

Otis Fundraiser

Every year we do an OPTIONAL fundraiser thru Otis Spunkmeyer to help reduce the cost of costumes. You may also use your profit towards tuition. Forms will be passed out the beginning of September and all money and forms are due by 10/12. We will accept CASH ONLY, no checks will be accepted!!! You will receive $5 for every tub of cookies you sell!!! Top two sellers will receive $100 bonus towards costumes/tuition to be applied directly to your account! We will be accepting cookie money during the week if one of the staff is in the office and is free. Please be patient since we need to count all money and verify forms when it is dropped off. Pick up will be ONLY on Friday 11/22. If you do not pick up your cookie dough on this day it will go bad and not be able to be handed out. We will do time slots starting around 4:00 by the student’s last name. If you think pick up will be a problem for you please consider that when participating in this fundraiser. Anyone can pick up cookie dough!

Baystate Gymnastics

ONLY FOR STUDENTS ENROLLED IN P ACRO, ACRO 4, ACRO 3, & ACRO 2 We will be renting out Baystate Gymnastics on Sunday, September 15th. We will be holding two separate workshops; 1:30-3:00 for P Acro and Acro 4 and 3:00-4:30 for Acro 2 and Acro 3. This is a great opportunity for students to train and develop Acro and tumbling abilities. The workshop is MANDATORY for P Acro students and highly recommended for the other Acro classes. The cost is $30 and can be paid in the office along with a waiver that needs to be filled out.

DMNE Convention

ONLY FOR STUDENTS CURRENTLY ON THE COMPETITION TEAM We will be doing the dance convention through Dance Masters of New England once again this year on 10/13. Fees are due by 9/28 and the cost is $95 for the full day. It will be held at Lantana in Randolph and Miss Kiirsten and Miss Jocelyn will be there the whole day with the girls. Flyer coming soon!