October 2019

October 2019

Important Dates:

  • P/D/A Costume Sizing- 9/30-10/5
  • Bring a Friend Week- 10/7-10/12
  • Otis Money due-CASH ONLY- 10/12
  • October tuition due by- 10/12
  • October Convention (P/D/A and Petite only)-10/13
  • P/D/A Costume Fees due- 10/19
  • Halloween Party- 10/26 – 2:30-4:00PM
  • No Dance- Halloween 10/31
  • All Costume measuring-11/4-11/9


Otis Fundraiser

You should have received your Otis fundraising packet by now. If not please get one from the office. All money is due by 10/12. We will be able to take money during the week if the secretary has time to handle. Orders MUST BE PICKED UP ON FRIDAY NOVEMBER 22nd.  You will be given a specific time to come based on your dancer’s last name. Please note, WE ARE NOT PARTICIPATING IN THE ONLINE ORDERS OR TEXTING OPTION ON THE ORDER FORM. IF YOU TRY TO SUBMIT ORDERS THIS WAY THEY WILL NOT BE COUNTED AND YOU WILL NOT GET CREDIT FOR THEM.


Halloween Party

We will be having a Halloween Party on Saturday, October 26th for our dancers and friends! This event will run from 2:30-4:00 PM and will cost $5 for admission for each child. THIS IS AN OPEN EVENT TO THE PUBLIC so please invite your siblings, friends, and family members! Again, admission is $5 per child including friends. Join us for a fun filled afternoon and wear your costumes!


Bring a Friend Week

We will be hosting a Bring a Friend to Dance Week from 10/7-10/12!!! All students are encouraged to bring a friend to dance class to participate in class with them!! There are Release forms that MUST BE SIGNED BY THE FRIEND’S PARENT/GUARDIAN IN ORDER FOR THEM TO PARTICIPATE IN THE CLASS. Make sure your friend wears comfortable clothes and is ready to have fun! Not for P/D/A or petite classes.


 Waiting Room

As I’m sure you have all noticed the waiting room gets really crowded at times. Please adhere to the following guidelines to help with waiting room congestion:

  • All students (excluding CM 1 & 2) are to bring their dance bag and belongings into the studio when taking There are plenty of cubbies for everyone to store their belongings.
  • All students (excluding CM 1 & 2) who have a shoe change are to change their shoes inside the studio and not go into the waiting room. Teachers and assistants are available to help your children with their shoes.
  • Please do not have students change their shoes in the middle of the floor.
  • Please do not take up seating with dance bags, purses or other personal belongings. You can place items under the benches.
  • When a class change is taking place please sit and allow students to easily move from one studio to the other.
  • Please do not yell across the waiting room.
  • Please do not play phones/tablets/computers loudly.
  • When students are waiting to go into class please make sure they are not running around



As you know our Otis fundraiser is to defray the cost of costumes. You will get $6 for every tub of cookies you sell! Any extra money that goes beyond costume payments will be put towards tuition. Costume costs are listed below. Remember all costume money is due by 12/14, unless you are in a P/D/A titled class (10/19), so please feel free to make early deposits. We will be billing for costumes in October so please do not be alarmed when you see your balance since it is not due until December (October for P/D/A classes).

  • P/D/A classes $75 each
  • All other classes & Finale $65 each

Please keep in mind these prices are cost per costume. Please see class descriptions for an accurate count of how many dances each class performs. There will be an additional $10 fee for an XL and XXL Adult costume. Costume money will be due December 14th (unless you are in a PDA class). I know this is a tough time of year for people to be spending extra money but I will need to order the costumes in December to ensure their arrival. You may make payments at any time in the office. Children will be measured then the parents will be asked to pick the costume size based on a sizing chart. There will be a $10 fee for a costume size exchange. You will have the option to choose your own size or I can choose it for you. More information to follow. IF YOU WANT AN EXCHANGE YOU WILL NEED TO PAY THE FEE REGARDLESS OF WHO PICKED YOUR CHILD’S SIZE.


Dance Shoes

A rule at Pirouette is that no dance shoes are to be worn outside then worn in the studio. Dance shoes are very expensive and get ruined very quickly if worn on outside services such as pavement. Also, when students wear their shoes outside they bring in dirt, rocks and other particles that are then transferred onto our dance floors causing damage and slipping hazards. PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW YOUR CHILDREN TO WEAR THEIR DANCE SHOES OUTSIDE. If we see the children coming in with dance shoes on they will not be allowed to wear them in the classroom until properly cleaned.


Costume Sizing

When it comes to costume measuring Miss Kiirsten is the one who measures all the kids. For P/D/A students this will be on the week of 9/30-10/5. For all other students it will be the week of 11/4-11/4. If your child is not here, they will be measured the following week.