November 2020 Newsletter

November 2020

Vol. 13 Issue 3

Important Dates:

  • Costume Measuring Week- 11/2-11/7
  • November Scholarships (PDA Classes Only)-11/14-11/15
  • Otis Order Pick Up Date- 11/20
  • Personalized Orders due-11/21
  • No Dance/Studio Closed Thanksgiving Break-11/25-11/29
  • ALL Remaining Costume Money due at $75-12/5
  • Food Drive Items due 12/19


Costume Measuring Week

Costume Measuring week is when I, Miss Kiirsten, will personally measure each child so we can pick out the appropriate size costume for them. I measure the bust, hips, waist and girth and add an extra inch or so for growing room. Once I have measured every child, I will then compare the measurements to a sizing chart to pick the appropriate size for your child. You have the option to let me choose the size or you may review the size chart and select the size you want. If you want to pick your child’s size it is your responsibility to reach out to me and schedule a time for us to look at measurements.  If you do not make an arrangement with me, you are forfeiting your right to choose your child’s costume size and leaving it to me.

Either way, there is a $10 exchange fee for any costume that is ordered and needs to be exchanged due to a sizing conflict. There is also a $10 fee for XL & up adult costumes.

Due to COVID-19, we are establishing more protocols. I will be using a paper disposable tape measure for sizing. Each tape measure will be disposed of after use on your child. Both I and the student must wear a face covering while measuring is taking place. Proper hand sanitation will be performed in between measuring each child. If you are not comfortable with me measuring your child, I request you submit the following measurements to me via email by 11/2, Bust, Waist, Hips, and Girth.

Personalized Orders

A GREAT Holiday gift for your dancer is one of our NEW personalized Pirouette Zip ups! It is displayed in the office and you can see picture below.  We will email out a google form for you to fill out if you wish to purchase one of these new Zip ups! You have the option to keep it a secret from your child so you can save it for a Holiday present. Price is $35 each and they come personalized with your dancer’s name on the front.

Angel Tags

We will be doing Angel Tags from the Salvation Army again this year. I’m still waiting on the information but as soon as I have it, I will pass it along.


ALL COSTUME MONEY IS DUE BY 12/5. Unfortunately, if your fees are not paid (INCLUDING TUITION), then I cannot order your child a costume and they cannot be in the Recital. Costumes are now priced at $75 each. Please keep in mind these prices are cost per costume. Please see class descriptions for an accurate count of how many dances each class performs or reference your online parent portal.  There will be an additional $10 fee for an XL & up Adult costume. I know this is a tough time of year for people to be spending extra money but I will need to order the costumes in December to ensure their arrival. There will be a $10 fee for a costume size exchange.

Cookie Dough Orders

Cookie Dough orders will be available to pick up Friday, November 20th at 4:00 PM. YOU MUST PICK UP YOUR ORDER THIS DAY! WE DO NOT HAVE THE CAPABILITY OF STORING AND REFRIDGERATING COOKIE DOUGH. If you do not pick it up, it will go bad. You will be assigned a 30-minute time block to come and get your cookie dough based on the first letter of your dancer’s last name. You can send someone else to get your cookie dough. If you do not come at your assigned time you will have to wait until everyone at that time block has gotten their order. The time schedule is listed below:

4:00-4:30 A-E

4:30-5:00 F-L

5:00-5:30 M-R

5:30-6:00 S-Z

6:00-6:30 Anyone who cannot make their assigned time slots.


Please note, we will be practicing social distancing this year so you will need to wait outside the side entrance on a marker until someone is available to help you. You will then exit out the front emergency exit door. Everyone entering will need to wear a mask. Please sanitize your hands on the way in also. Thank you all for your cooperation.

Dress Code

We have been having an issue with students and dress code this year. Just like people need to wear uniforms to school and work, we also do to dance. Please have your children in proper dress code and ask the teacher if you are not sure if something is dress code. See below for guidelines:


  • Black leotards are required in EVERY CLASS (no exceptions)
    • Black leotards may have Teal designs
  • Pink, Tan, or Black tights unless dance shorts or dance skirt is being worn.
    • Dance shorts must be teal or black or have minimal designs on them.
  • T-shirts, long sleeve shirts or sweatshirts may be worn during WARM UP ONLY if they are Teal, Gray, or Black and are expected to be removed after warming up
  • Tight black leggings may be worn except in Ballet
  • Ballet skirts may be worn during Ballet
  • Hip Hop classes may wear Teal/Black/Studio T-shirts and pants/leggings over leotard
  • Hair neatly and tightly tied back
  • Proper shoes for each class


  • Black pants or shorts
  • Black, White, or Teal T-shirt or tank
  • Proper shoes for each class