May 2021 Newsletter

 May 2021

Important Dates:

  • May Tuition Due- 5/8 (a $15 late fee will be applied after this date)
  • Turn it up Dance Competition- 5/14-5/16
  • Turn it up Dance Competition Nationals fees due- 5/22
  • Picture Week- 5/24-5/29
  • CLOSED for Memorial Day-5/31
  • Finale Rehearsals- 6/4 & 6/11
  • Last Day for In Studio Classes- Monday, 6/14
  • Dress Rehearsal-6/15 @ 4:30 (McVinney Auditorium)
  • Recital- 6/20 (McVinney Auditorium)
  • Summer class registration due- 6/20
  • Acro Camp- 7/19-7/23


Picture Week

Picture week (May 24th-29th) is when all of the students participating in Recital take pictures as groups and individuals. If you are not in Recital you may take individual pictures in your class attire if you wish. Purchasing or participating in pictures is optional and not mandatory. We will not be having normal dance classes during picture week but will hold fitness classes. Picture week and the schedule will be a little different this year. In order to accommodate all of the class and the capacity limits we have designed a different schedule. Pictures will be taken in Studio B and costume changes will take place in Studio A. See below for schedule. We will also email out a more detailed schedule with students’ names. Here are the new guidelines for Picture week this year:

  • Arrive in your costume for your first picture
  • Leave in your costume for your last picture
  • Only change in Studio A when absolutely necessary
  • Only have ONE parent or guardian per student to help change if absolutely necessary
  • No siblings or extra family members will be permitted in the studio
  • You are not able to watch pictures being done
  • Please arrive no more than 5 minutes before your scheduled picture time with costume and full stage hair and make up (more details to follow)
  • Please leave as soon as your last picture has been taken
  • Social distancing must be maintained at all times

Recital- NEW DATE & VENUE!

As of 4/30, our second location we secured for Recital informed us that their Air quality system in the auditorium failed inspection and can no longer accommodate our Recital as they now need to replace the HVAC system for the entire building this summer. However, we worked very hard and were able to reserve another venue! Since it was on such short notice, there was only one date available. As a result, our new Recital date is Sunday, June 20th at 4:00 PM at the McVinney Auditorium in Providence, RI. This venue is 24 minutes from the studio and has luckily been safely operating since the Fall. Our competition team will also be familiar with this venue as our last regional competition (Turn it Up) will be held at the same place. We understand this is not an ideal situation being Father’s Day but to us, it was the best option in order to secure a facility with a stage that will not cancel the event. In addition, the capacity limit due to their size is much higher which will allow us to have one show with all of our dancers and each child will be allowed a minimum of TWO spectators! More information to follow in a mini Recital Packet we are currently working on!


Recital Ticket Sales

We will be selling tickets for the Recital on Sunday 6/6, 8AM-noon. YOUR ACCOUNT MUST BE PAID IN FULL INCLUDING JUNE TUITION BEFORE YOU CAN BUY TICKETS. Due to capacity limits and social distancing, you are guaranteed 2 tickets between 8AM-10AM. After this from 10AM-12noon, people will be able to buy an additional 2 tickets per dancer until all tickets are sold. If you do not come or have someone come for you between 8AM-10AM you are forfeiting your right to your two guaranteed tickets. Also, if you arrive at 10:00 AM for your two guaranteed tickets, you will need to get back in line again in order to purchase any additional tickets. Seating is general admission so your party may sit together; you just need to leave one empty seat between your party and the one next to you. Ticket price is $20 each this year. **PLEASE NOTE** Due to capacity limits and contact tracing, EVERYONE MUST PURCHASE A TICKET TO ENTER THE BUILDING WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE STUDENTS. After their last dance, students may sit with your party in the audience at no additional charge as the dancers are already accounted for. If you do not wish to purchase a ticket, your child will need to enter alone and then leave immediately after performing because they cannot sit in the audience unattended. There is NO Mothers Section this year of course since capacity is limited. We understand some moms may be in the dressing room for most of the show helping their child change but unfortunately, we need to adhere to the strict capacity guidelines and this is the only way to account for everyone without limiting even more spectators per dancer. As a reminder, Moms will be able to watch Dress Rehearsal in the audience on 6/15 at no charge. Your understanding and support is greatly appreciated.


Finale Rehearsals

We will hold Finale rehearsals on Friday 6/4 and 6/11. See schedule below. We will not have all of the groups coming together in the end like normal due to capacity limits and social distancing.

Friday, 6/4

Group 1- 4:30-5:15

Group 2- 5:15-6:00

Group 3- 6:00-6:45

Friday, 6/11

Finale Make up- 4:30-5:00

Group 1- 5:00-5:30

Group 2- 5:30-6:00

Group 3- 6:00-6:30

Summer Classes

We will be offering Recreational and Advanced summer classes this year. Your child will get more information and a registration form in their classes. Registration will be done on a first come, first serve basis and space is LIMITED. As a result, please submit form and payment ASAP.

Acro Camp

We will be holding Acro camp from July 19th-23rd from 9AM-noon. Open to ages 5-up. $35 per day or $125 for entire week. Limited to 15 students MAX per day.

Use the following link to register for Acro Camp:




Monday 5/24

Creative Movement 1A- 4:30

Creative Movement 2A Ballet- 4:45

Combo 1A Ballet- 5:00

Creative Movement 2A Tap- 5:15

Combo 1A Tap- 5:30

Acro 1A- 5:45

Acro 2- 6:00

Acro 1B- 6:15

Hip Hop 1B- 6:30

Pom 1A- 6:45

Hip Hop 2A- 7:00

Teal Hip Hop 2- 7:15

Tuesday 5/25

D Jazz- 4:30

Teal Jazz- 4:45

D Hip Hop- 5:00

Teal Tap- 5:15

P Pom- 5:30

Teal Ballet- 5:45

Finale Group 3- 6:00

Finale Group 2- 6:15

Pointe- 6:30

P Irish SS- 6:45

Contemporary- 7:00

P Irish HS- 7:15

Wednesday 5/26

P Acro- 4:30

KC & FF Duet- 4:45

SC & SR duet- 5:00

Musical Theater – 5:15

A Tap- 5:30

P Ballet- 5:45

A Ballet- 6:00

P Jazz- 6:15

A Jazz- 6:30

P Tap- 6:45

Competition Team Photo- 7:00

P Hip Hop- 7:15

Thursday 5/27

Combo 2 Ballet – 4:30

Creative Movement 1B – 4:45

Combo 2 Tap – 5:00

Combo 1B Ballet – 5:15

Combo 2 Jazz – 5:30

Combo 1B Tap – 5:45

Teal Hip Hop 1 – 6:00

Irish 1- 6:15

Irish 2 SS- 6:30

Pom 1B- 6:45

Irish 2 HS- 7:00

Acro 1C- 7:15

Hip Hop 2B- 7:30

Friday 5/28



Saturday 5/29

Pom 1C – 8:45

Mini Movers – 9:00

Creative Movement 1C – 9:15

Creative Movement 2B Ballet – 9:30

Combo 1C Ballet – 9:45

Creative Movement 2B Tap – 10:00

Combo 1C Tap – 10:15

Group 1 Finale – 10:30

Acro 3 – 10:45

Hip Hop 1A- 11:00

Pom 2 – 11:15