May 2017 Newsletter


May 2017

Vol. 9 Issue 9





Important Dates:

  • Picture Week (CASH ONLY)- 5/1-5/6
  • Recital T-shirts and messages due by 5/31
  • Deadline for early bird pricing for Summer Workshop- 6/3


Important Yearly Dates:

  • Recital Ticket Sales (CASH OR CARD ONLY)- Sunday, June 4th from 8:00AM-12:00PM
  • Rehearsal- Tuesday, June 20th @ 5:00 PM
  • Dress Rehearsal-Wednesday, June 21st @ 5:00 PM
  • Recital- Sunday, June 25th (2 shows) @ 12:00 and 5:00 PM

Recital Packet



Students NOT participating in Recital

If your child registered after January 1st, 2017 or you opted out of participating in Recital please read this section. Your child may participate in the Rehearsal only at Durfee (refer to Recital packet for details). During picture week they may come dressed in their favorite dance attire to have a dance picture taken if you wish. Also, if you registered after January 1st please be aware you do not need to pay a registration fee for the 2017-2018 dance season.


Unpaid accounts

All accounts need to be paid in full by June 4th (ticket sales day) or you cannot buy tickets. Please try to pay before ticket day so we don’t take up time doing payments on ticket day.


Picture Week

Picture week will be May 1st -6th. There is a price list on the board in the waiting room. On picture day students should bring all costumes, accessories, proper shoes and tights. They will be expected to be in full stage make up and be dressed appropriately at the time of their scheduled picture. Picture orders are to be placed at time of photography. Individual pictures will be taken in between classes. PICTURES ARE OPTIONAL. FOR FAIRNESS TO EVERYONE, IF YOU ARE NOT IN APPROPRIATE DRESS CODE YOU WILL NOT BE IN THE PICTURE. If you are not performing in Recital you may come in and take a picture in your dance attire if you wish but will not be able to participate in the group picture. Please have an idea of what package you want to purchase before you come. 99.9% of classes are being photographed at their normal class time. Please see the schedule on board.


Registration Packet

You will all be getting an individual personalized registration packet. Please review the information to make sure it is all correct, pick your child’s classes, and sign off on the attached contracts.  If you register by Recital your fee is only $10 (for dancer and $5 per each sibling) instead of $20! Once you register your child will be placed in the appropriate level class and a schedule will be emailed to you. Next year’s schedule will be posted in waiting room and emailed out to everyone.




Recital Flowers

There will be flowers for sale at Recital. 5% of proceeds will be donated to Boston Children’s Hospital. See the flyer on the board for more information. See price list in waiting room.





Garment Bags

Garment bags are great for Competition and Recital to keep everything organized because it will get messy with all the costumes and accessories. I do have garment bags for sale in the office for $25.


Hair Nets

All girls will be required to have their buns covered in hairnets. Available in multiple colors.



These items may also be useful for Recital and will be for sale: bobby pins, hair elastics, undertards, and tights.


Body Liners or “Undertards”

If your child is concerned with changing in front of others or has an itchy costume you can purchase a nude body suit made specifically to be worn under costumes. Remember NO UNDERWEAR ALLOWED so this may be an option to alleviate that issue as well. Some classes are not eligible to wear undertards; if not you should have been made aware already.


Finale Rehearsals

We have decided to do one finale routine with three groups. Finale groups posted on board. Please note that the first two practices will be separate and the last two will be all groups together. PLEASE REMEMBER OUR STRICT ATTENDANCE POLICY, IF YOU MISS A REHEARSAL YOU MUST MAKE IT UP FOR A FEE OF $10. If you miss more than two you will be removed from the finale WITH NO REFUND Below is the schedule:

May 5th Finale RED 6:00-6:30pm; Finale TEAL/PURPLE 6:30- 7:00pm
May 26th Finale RED 6:00-6:30pm; Finale TEAL/PURPLE 6:30- 7:00pm
June 9th Finale RED/TEAL/PURPLE 6:00-6:30pm
June 16th Finale RED/TEAL/PURPLE 6:00-6:30pm



Acro Summer Camp

Acro Summer camp will be held 8/14-8/18 9:00AM to noon. It is open to students in Acro 1,2, & 3. It is $100 for the week or $30 per day. Space is limited to 20 students and requires you to sign up and make a 50% deposit. SPACE LIMITED


Summer Classes

Summer class schedule and pricing will be on the board. It is highly suggested students participate in summer classes especially if they want to move up to the next level.