March 2019 Newsletter

MARCH 2019

Vol. 11 Issue 7

Important Dates:

  • Saturday Costume Day- 3/2
  • Flexibility Workshop Fees due- 3/2
  • Costume Week- 3/11-3/14
  • 5 Year Trophy Sign up due-4/6

Important Yearly Dates:

  • Recital Ticket Sales– Sunday, June 2nd from 8:00AM-12:00PM
  • Rehearsal– Wednesday, June 26th @ 5:00 at Durfee High School
  • Dress Rehearsal– Thursday, June 27th @ 5:00 at Durfee High School
  • Recital– Saturday, June 29th @ 12:00 and 5:00 at Durfee High School

March Incentive: STUDIO SURVEY

Back by popular demand, we are holding a contest to win SPOT #1 ON TICKET SALES DAY! SLEEP IN, SKIP THE LINE, & BE THE FIRST TO PURCHASE RECITAL TICKETS AT 8:00 AM on June 2nd !

We are asking you to visit: Please note we will be using some of these responses for future advertising so if you would like yours to be anonymous please make note of that.  Once you have submitted, your name will go into a drawing and we will pick a winner on 4/1!! Good luck and thank you in advance!

    5 Year Trophy Awards

Anyone due for a five year trophy this year, WHO HAS BEEN DANCING AT THIS STUDIO FOR 5 CONSECUTIVE YEARS, please put your name on the list in the Office. Time at other dance studios does not count. If you don’t put your name down you will not receive the trophy you deserve. Deadline is 4/6 for your trophy!


Costumes FOR ALL SATURDAY DANCERS  will be distributed 3/2. Costumes for EVERYONE ELSE will be distributed 3/11-3/14 and A PARENT/GUARDIAN MUST ATTEND OR SEND SOMEONE TO CHECK AND TAKE COSTUME HOME. Your child will not be able to try on costumes by themselves and/or take home if you or an adult is not present. Most costumes should be in by then. If they are not all in we will let you know and schedule another time to give them out. Please keep in mind costumes are not custom made to your child’s measurements. You may need to make alterations to the costume. If you do not like the size, there will be a $10 exchange fee to cover restocking fees and mailing fees. ONCE THE COSTUME LEAVES THE STUDIO WE WILL NOT TAKE IT BACK FOR AN EXCHANGE so please check them before you leave. Please also keep all parts of your costumes together and in a safe place because WE DO NOT HAVE REPLACEMENTS FOR ANY PIECES! If you lose a piece you must purchase another costume at full price. If the costume is not available to ship before Recital date your child will not be able to perform in the show. As costumes come in we will determine placement of pieces and they will be marked in the costume book. Everyone will need to purchase new tights for the recital. Tights for the recital can be purchased through the studio. You may get them on your own if you wish but they MUST BE THE SAME BRAND AND COLOR NAME. The reason for this is so everyone’s tights match on stage. Tights bought for the recital are not to be worn during class please! I will also be selling hair nets and other necessities for the recital! Lastly, your child will not be able to participate in pictures or recital if they do not have all of the proper pieces/accessories, proper tights, and proper shoes!

Recital Packet

Please note you will be receiving a Recital Packet this month during costume week with all necessary information for Recital/Rehearsals. We will be doing a brief explanation of everything at this time so please try to be at class that week.

Finale Rehearsals

Finale is divided into 3 groups for students that registered for finale back in December: Group 1 is Hip Hop, Group 2 is Tap, and Group 3 is Hip Hop. See cork board in waiting room for student list. We will have 2 rehearsals. The first one will be choreography only in separate groups and the last one will be all groups performing together. Please note, if your child does not know choreography, they will be required to take mandatory private lessons at a fee of $25 per half hour. THEY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PERFOM AT RECITAL IF THEY DO NOT KNOW THEIR DANCE.

Dates and times are as follows:

  • Friday, June 14th
    • o   Group 1 (Hip Hop)- 5:00-5:45
    • o   Group 3 (Hip Hop)- 5:45-6:30
    • o   Group 2 (Tap)- 6:30-7:15
  • Friday June 21st
    • o   All groups 5:00-5:30