January 2020 Newsletter

January 2020


Important Dates: 

  • Classes resume- 1/6
  • Fees for Beyond the Stars Competition due-1/18
  • JANUARY TUITION DUE- 1/11 ($15 late fee will incur to all unpaid accounts after this date)
  • Fees for Diva Competition due-2/8


Happy New Year!

I just want to start this dance year off by saying Happy New Year to everyone in our Pirouette family. We are so lucky to have such great students and parents. We are very pleased with the students’ progress this year and hope they keep up the good work. We not only teach dance but are trying to instill life skills into the kids such as hard work pays off and teamwork is important. We appreciate the parents support with our teaching efforts. Please remember if there is ever an issue please bring it to my attention. Thanks again, and let’s hope for a great year!!


Tuition Reminder

Just a reminder, tuition is due by THE SECOND SATURDAY OF THE MONTH. This means you still need to come in and pay tuition, or pay online, even if your child has not had a class before the second Saturday of the month. Every month will have a different due date based on when the Saturday falls. This month, tuition must be paid by January 11th, however, next month, tuition needs to be paid by February 8th.

Personalized Recital CD’s (now email)

We have decided to do things a little different this year for those of you who have been getting the personalized CD’s the last few years. We find that most people use their phones, iPad, iPod, or other electronic device to play their music so we will be offering an emailed option this year.

1-3 Songs- $5

4-6 Songs- $7

6+ Songs- $9

It is very important for everyone to practice their dances at home. Most of the songs we use are an alteration from the original version, so it is recommended to practice with the correct version through this email option. Order forms available in the office.


Important Dates

Rehearsal– Wednesday, June 24th @ 5:00 at Durfee High School

Dress Rehearsal– Thursday, June 25th @ 5:00 at Durfee High School

Recital– Saturday, June 27th @ 12:00 and 5:00 at Durfee High School