February 2019 Newsletter

February 2019

Important Dates:

  • Turn it Up Dance Challenge Competition Fees Due: 2/2
  • Beyond the Stars Fees Due: 2/16
  • February vacation NO DANCE: 2/18-2/23
  • Flexibility Workshop fees due: 3/2


Important Yearly Dates:

  • Recital Ticket Sales– Sunday, June 2nd from 8:00AM-12:00PM
  • Rehearsal– Wednesday, June 26th @ 5:00 at Durfee High School
  • Dress Rehearsal– Thursday, June 27th @ 5:00 at Durfee High School
  • Recital– Saturday, June 29th @ 12:00 and 5:00 at Durfee High School


Mid-Year Check in

As we near the half way point in the dance season I just like to check in with everyone to see how things are going, both positive and negative. Please let me know if you have any concerns regarding your child’s class or the studio in general. I do my best to make this the best experience for everyone, so your input is truly appreciated.


Personalized Recital CD’s

STILL ACCEPTING ORDERS! It is very important for everyone to practice their dances at home. Most of the songs we use are an alteration from the original version, so it is recommended to practice with the correct version found on our personalized Recital CD’s put together by the Pirouette staff. It is also recommended to purchase a CD because some of the original versions of the songs are not kid appropriate and we edit them. The cost will be $9.56 (price includes tax) and payment must be submitted with a “CD Request form.” Siblings may get their music on one CD for no extra charge! THESE ARE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR PRACTICING CHOREOGRAPHY AT HOME. Order forms available in the office.


Finale Rehearsals

Finale is divided into 3 groups: Group 1 is Hip Hop, Group 2 is Tap, and Group 3 is Hip Hop. See board for list. We will have 2 rehearsals. The first one will be choreography only in separate groups and the last one will be all groups performing together. Please note, if your child does not know choreography, they will be required to take mandatory private lessons at a fee of $25 per half hour. THEY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PERFOM AT RECITAL IF THEY DO NOT KNOW THEIR DANCE.


Dates and times are as follows:

  • Friday, June 14th
    • Group 1- 5:00-5:45
    • Group 2 & 3- 5:45-6:30
  • Friday June 21st
    • All groups 5:00-5:30


Inclement Weather

Just a reminder: if there is no class due to bad weather, it will be put on the studio voicemail no later than 3:30PM. We will also email and post on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram. Please call the studio if you are unsure.