December 2017 Newsletter


Important Dates:

  • December Tuition Due 12/9 ($15 Late Fees will be applied on 12/10 on all unpaid accounts)
  • ALL Costume Money & any remaining balances due 12/16
  • Food Drive Items due 12/16
  • Holiday Break (NO DANCE) 12/24-1/1
  • CLASSES RESUME ON Tuesday, 1/2!
  • Dance Sleepovers- 1/13 (Ages 12 & up) & 1/27 (Ages 7-12)


Costume and Routine Balances

By now your child has been measured for their costumes. Please note your account now reflects December tuition, ALL costumes, finale, and specialty routine fees (if applicable). YOUR ENTIRE BALANCE MUST BE PAID IN FULL NO LATER THAN DECEMBER 16th! Any balances not paid in full before Holiday break will result in no costumes being ordered! NO COSTUMES = NO RECITAL!  We need to order costumes over break to ensure their arrival for recital. As always, we appreciate your continued support!


Waiting Room

Please be conscious of other people in the waiting room and please do not leave your stuff in areas that are taking up seating for others. There is a coat rack for coats and bags can be put under the benches. Also, your children should be bringing in all of their stuff into the studio when they have class and putting it in cubbies (with the exception of CM1 & 2) to alleviate waiting room congestion.


Food Drive/Lost & Found

We will be holding a Food drive this month! Please help by donating nonperishable food items. The items will be donated to a local soup kitchen/charity. Thanks for all your help. All items due by 12/16. Also, all items that are left unclaimed in Lost & Found by 12/16 will also be donated to charity.


Inclement Weather

Just a reminder: if there is no class due to bad weather, it will be put on the studio voicemail no later than 3:30PM. We will also email and post on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram. Please call the studio if you are unsure.


Dance Sleepover

We will once again be holding our annual Dance Sleepover. Cost is $5, drop off time is 7PM and pick up is at 9AM. Sign-up sheets will be available in January. Any parents that would like to donate snacks and/or breakfast food would be much appreciated. We will provide a “midnight snack.” Please make sure your child eats supper before you come and bring everything needed for a dance sleepover (sleeping bag, pillow, PJ’s, change of clothes for next day, tooth brush, and of course your dance shoes!!) Thanks!


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