April 2021 Newsletter

 April 2021

Important Dates:

  • Diva Dance Competition- 4/9-4/11
  • April Tuition Due- 4/10
  • April Vacation Week (NO DANCE)- 4/18-4/24
  • 5 Year Dance Trophy Sign up- 4/30
  • Recital T-shirt orders due- 4/30
  • Picture Week- 6/7-6/12
  • Recital- 6/27
    • Rehearsal-6/22 @ 4:30
    • Dress Rehearsal -6/23 @ 4:30


5 Year Dance Trophy Sign up

If your child has been dancing at Pirouette for 5 consecutive years, they are eligible for a 5 Year Dance Trophy. PLEASE SIGN THEM UP in the office or send an email so we can put them on the list. We try our best to keep track but we want to make sure we don’t miss anyone. Deadline for sign up is 4/30.

Recital T-shirt Orders

Recital T-shirts will feature the Recital Logo on the front and a list of all the dancers (even if you are not performing in Recital). We will also be selling Recital T-shirts that say “Dance Mom” or “Dance Dad” on the back. Cost of pre-ordered T-shirts is $25.We will NOT be ordering any extras so YOU WILL NOT GET A SHIRT IF YOU DO NOT PRE-ORDER. Please fill out the google form with the link below for your Recital T-shirt order. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdwbFNrZQCU2iQq8YKnaCljxlo8j42Od8WSem1rsXPqFxYdiQ/viewform?usp=sf_link

Picture Week

We will be holding our picture week 6/7-6/12. This is when you come in and take pictures in your dance costumes, or your class attire if you are not in Recital. As of right now, we do not have a schedule since we do not know what restrictions will look like then. As we get closer we will have more details. 


We will be having a somewhat traditional Recital on Sunday, June 27th at Apponequet High School located at 100 Howland Road in Lakeville, MA. We tried to get many venues closer to the studio but were having no luck. We have used this venue years ago so figured it would be our best bet since Durfee cannot guarantee us use of their venue. Again, due to the everchanging guidelines we do not have more details for you at this time besides your child will be dancing on a stage in an auditorium with at least one spectator. Please note, if your child registered after January 1st, 2021 they are not eligible to participate in the Recital. 


The Zoom option for dance class is ONLY ALLOWED FOR STUDENTS ON QUARANTINE. You will not be allowed in if you are not on our quarantine list. Zoom is not to be used for missing classes due to any non quarantine reasons.  

Pirouette Logo

We appreciate all the enthusiasm and your children’s desire to promote our brand however we would like to respectfully ask you not to duplicate our logo and or name in any manner.  Especially in times like this, every penny is important to keeping our doors open and providing your children with the best education possible.  Part of our ability to do so comes from our branding and merchandise which we have spent years developing.  This is not a personal attack on anyone, nor do we feel this has been done in a “for profit” manner, but at this time, we ask you to please respect our organization and brand that we have poured our heart and soul into for over a decade.