January 2017 Newsletter

January 2017

Important Dates:

  • Dance Sleepover (Ages 12-up)-1/14
  • Dance Sleepover (Ages 7-11)- 1/28 
  • Fees for Diva Dance Competition due-2/11


Happy New Year!

I just want to start this dance year off by saying Happy New Year to everyone in our Pirouette family. We are so lucky to have such great students and parents. We are very pleased with the students’ progress this year and hope they keep up the good work. We not only teach dance but are trying to instill life skills into the kids such as hard work pays off and teamwork is important. We appreciate the parents support with our teaching efforts. Please remember if there is ever an issue please bring it to me because my goal, although most say impossible, is to make everyone happy. Thanks again and let’s hope for a great year!!


Tuition Reminder

Just a reminder, tuition is due by THE SECOND SATURDAY OF THE MONTH. This means you still need to come in and pay tuition, or pay online, even if your child has not had a class before the second Saturday of the month. Every month will have a different due date based on when the Saturday falls. This month tuition must be paid by January 14th, however, next month tuition needs to be paid by February 11th.


Dance Sleepover

We will be holding two Dance Sleepovers again this year. One for ages 12-up, on Saturday 1/14, and one for ages 7-11, on Saturday 1/28. These sleepovers are open to any female student within the age criteria and cost is $5. You can drop off your child at 7:30PM on the Saturday and pick up is at 9AM on the Sunday. Please sign up in office, space is limited! WE WILL NEED A MINIMUM OF 15 STUDENTS TO RUN EACH OF THE SLEEPOVERS. Any parents that would like to donate snack and/or breakfast food would be much appreciated. Please make sure you eat supper before you come and bring everything needed for a dance sleepover (sleeping bag, pillow, PJ’s, change of clothes for next day, tooth brush, and of course your dance shoes!!).


Personalized Recital CD’s

It is very important for everyone to practice their dances at home. Most of the songs we use are an alteration from the original version so it is recommended to practice with the correct version found on our personalized Recital CD’s put together by the Pirouette staff. It is also recommended to purchase a CD because some of the original versions of the songs are not kid appropriate and we edit them. The cost will be $9.56 (price includes tax) and payment must be submitted with a “CD Request form.” Siblings may get their music on one CD for no extra charge! THESE ARE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR PRACTICING CHOREOGRAPHY AT HOME. Order forms available in the office.


Important Dates

Rehearsal– Tuesday, June 20th @ 5:00

Dress Rehearsal– Wednesday, June 21st @ 5:00

Recital– Sunday, June 25th @ 12:00 and 5:00