That’s Entertainment 2018 Regional Results



“Burn it Up” (P Tap)- Platinum/ 1st Place Teen Tap/ 6th Place OVERALL Teens

“Crazy Train” (A Tap)- Platinum/ 1st Place Junior Tap/ 2nd Place OVERALL Juniors

“Drop Unit” (P Hip Hop)- Platinum/ 1st Place Sr. Hip Hop/ 1st Place OVERALL Seniors

“Elements” (P Irish Soft Shoe)- Platinum/ 1st Place Teen Open Duo-Trio/ 3rd OVERALL Teen Duo-Trios

“Ex’s & Oh’s” (Logan Rodrigues)- Platinum/ 1st Place Sr. Jazz Solo/ 2nd Place OVERALL Sr. Solos/ Elite Team Invite

“Happy Feet” (Ashley Resendes)- Solid Gold Plus/ 2nd Place Sr. Tap Solo/ 5th Place OVERALL Sr. Solos

“Night Vision” (P Irish Hard Shoe)- Platinum/ 2nd Place Teen Open Duo-Trio/ 5th OVERALL Teen Duo-Trios

“Ninja Nation” (P Acro)- Platinum/ 1st Place Teen Acro/ 3rd OVERALL Teens

“Oops” (P Jazz)- Platinum/ 1st Place Teen Jazz/ 5th Place OVERALL Teens

“Put ‘Em Up” (D Hip Hop)- Platinum/ Judge’s Award: “Fire Alarm Performance”/ 1st Place Teen Hip Hop/ 4th Place OVERALL Teens/ “Entertainer of the Year Cup” Nomination

“Shining Star” (Petite Comp)- Solid Gold Plus/ Judge’s Award: “Our Shining Stars”/ 1st Place Petite Tap/ 2nd Place OVERALL Petites

“Spanish Rose” (Kelsea Levrault)- Solid Gold Plus/ 1st Place Sr. Musical Theater Solo/ 6th Place OVERALL Sr. Solos

“The Greatest” (P Pom)- Platinum/ 1st Place Teen Open/ 2nd Place OVERALL Teens

“Transform” (Sydnie Faria)- Platinum/ 1st Place Sr. Hip Hop Solo/ 3rd Place OVERALL Sr. Solos/ Elite Team Invite

“Unstoppable” (Samyra Reis)- Platinum/ 1st Place Teen Acro Solo/ 1st Place OVERALL Teen Solos/ Elite Team Invite

“Upgraded” (A Hip Hop)- Platinum/ 1st Place Junior Hip Hop/ 3rd Place OVERALL Juniors

“Woman Up” (Savannah Melo & Tayla Costa)- Solid Gold Plus/ 2nd Place Sr. Jazz Duo-Trio/ 3rd Place OVERALL Sr. Duo-Trios

“Workin’ It” (Faith Faria & Kennedy Correia)- Platinum/ 1st Place Jr. Hip Hop Duo-Trio/ 1st Place OVERALL Jr. Duo-Trios