Recital 2020 Update

Hello Everyone,

We just want to start off by saying our first week of June Virtual classes for are going great! The kids are being so attentive and trying hard. This gives the staff great hope for the future! I just wanted to go over the plan for Recital.

As you know, Durfee cancelled our original Recital date. I was able to secure another local venue, White’s of Westport. After much discussion and parent input we decided not to hold a traditional Recital with ticket sales and a large crowd.

With so much unknown we feel it is best to play it safe and do a recorded Recital. This will entail each group coming in at a designated time, based on how many people we are allowed, and having each dance recorded individually by our professional videographer in the hotel ballroom. From there, he will put together all the dances on one DVD for a full Recital which will be available for purchase.

We feel this is the best way to avoid large crowds and keep everyone comfortable. Since we do not have guidelines yet, I cannot offer you any idea of a schedule. What I can tell you is we have the venue from 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM on Saturday July 25th so I am confident we will be able to get every dance recorded in a timely fashion. Once we get closer, I will have more information.

I would also like to go over what we as a staff are doing in our classes and our choreography to take precautions. All the choreography for the students is being changed in the following ways.
No more hand holding
No more lifts
No more partner work
No contact of any kind
Formations being spaced out more
No more sharing of props
We hope this helps to put minds at ease and be confident we are doing everything we can to keep everyone comfortable and safe. Thank you!