Beyond the Stars 2019 Regional Competition Results

“A-Flat” (P Irish HS)- Platinum/1st Place in Category

“Better Together” (Jr. Duet)- Platinum/2nd Place OVERALL Junior Duo-Trios/BTS Convention Scholarship Winners

“Brand New” (Logan Rodrigues)- Platinum/1st Place in Category/10th Place OVERALL Senior Solos

“Can’t Handle These Ladies” (P Pom)- Platinum/6th Place OVERALL Teens

“Game On” (P Acro)- Diamond/1st Place OVERALL Seniors/People’s Choice Award Out of the ENTIRE Competition: “Outstanding Performance”- Industry Dance Awards Show Nomination

“Girls Will Be Girls” (A Jazz)- High Gold/10th Place OVERALL Juniors

“Hold Up” (D Hip Hop)- Platinum/1st Place in Category/Judge’s Specialty Award: “Electric Energy”

“I’m Legit” (Sydnie Faria)- Platinum/Judge’s Specialty Award: “Explosive Performance”

“Mic Drop” (P Hip Hop)- Platinum/8th Place OVERALL Seniors

“No Excuses” (A Tap)- High Gold/3rd Place OVERALL Junior Large Groups

“Royal Rumble” (Faith Faria & Kennedy Correia)- High Gold

“Run the World” (Samyra Reis & Sydnie Cabral)- Platinum

“Salem 1692” (P/D Ballet)- High Gold/10th Place OVERALL Teens

“Shape of You” (Tayla Costa)- Platinum

“Shell Shocked” (A Hip Hop)- Platinum/4th Place OVERALL Juniors/Judge’s Specialty Award: “Fierce Focus”/Ultimate Showmanship Award out of the ENTIRE 12 & under Division

“Straight Up” (P Jazz)- Platinum/1st Place in Category/5th Place OVERALL Seniors/Ultimate Precision Award out of the ENTIRE 13 & up Division

“Tightrope” (P/D Tap)- Platinum/4th Place OVERALL Seniors

“Transcendence” (P Irish SS)- Platinum/10th Place OVERALL Teen Small Groups