Beyond the Stars Regional Competition Results: April 28th-30th

“Bang Dem Sticks” (P Tap)- Diamond/1st Place in Category/1st Place OVERALL Teens

“Bump that Bass” (Sydnie Faria)- Platinum/All-Star Performer National Invitee

“Cheetah Sisters” (Petite Duet)- High Gold/5th Place Petite Duo

“Confident” (Tayla Costa)- Platinum

“Crazy” (P Jazz)- Diamond/Judge’s Award “Britney Spectacular”/1st Place in Category/3rd Place OVERALL Teens/”Broadway Dance Dreams” Scholarship Winners

“Fabulous Feet” (Sydnie Cabral)- Diamond/Judge’s Award “Fabulous Feet”/1st Place in Category/2nd Place OVERALL Junior Solos/All-Star Performer National Invitee

“Haunted Mansion” (P Acro)- Diamond/Judge’s Award “Spooky Great”/2nd Place OVERALL Teens

“Mad Hatter” (Kelsea Levrault)- Platinum/Judge’s Award “Excellent Energy”/1st Place in Category

“Me Too” (A Tap)- Platinum/Judge’s Award “Fierce Facials”/1st Place in Category/1st Place OVERALL Juniors/Ultimate Precision Regional Winner/1st Place in the ENTIRE Rising Star Division

“Mr. Pinstripe Suit” (D Tap)- Platinum/6th Place OVERALL Teens

“New Shoes” (Logan Rodrigues)- Platinum/9th Place OVERALL Teen Solos/All-Star Performer National Invitee

“Rock & Keep it 100” (D Hip Hop)- Platinum

“Team X” (P Hip Hop)- Platinum/Judge’s Award “Team Intensity”/3rd Place OVERALL Teen Large Groups/Ultimate Showmanship Regional Winner

“Where Are You Now” (A Hip Hop)- High Gold/1st Place in Category